Why Evergreen Acupuncture?

Ask the patients themselves!

In the western world, we become attached to labels that define ourselves and our health. We view the body in pieces and parts, separating our physical health from our mental stability or our emotional well-being. It is a way for us to feel in control, searching for the one answer to why we feel the way that we do. Except we are complex, unique individuals. Physical symptoms are the body’s means of expression, communicating our imbalances.

The truth is, the body is not separate from the mind or the spirit. The body wants homeostasis, and our health status is the representation of that, factoring in lifestyle, emotional and physical traumas, genetic expressions, family dynamics, sleep habits, detoxification capabilities, and repressed emotions. 

Usually, patients seek treatment to alleviate a symptom. But I help my clients dive deeper, trying to find the underlying cause of their symptom, and interpreting what the body is communicating through it. It is a challenge to reorganize perceptions of the body and of health. In essence, we redefine the way we view health, shedding false notions and layers of dysfunction, learning to let go of labels, and embrace the idea of whole wellness.

I once had a mentor tell me "The most important thing as a practitioner is to get results." Surrendering limited labels does not mean surrendering a solution. I demand results and don't settle for less. I work together with my clients to empower them with knowledge and physical healing, correcting imbalances and encouraging the body toward its homeostasis. I believe in the time-tested model of Chinese medicine. This comprehensive approach commands results in the body and spirit by regulating emotions, decreasing inflammation, increasing energy, regulating hormones/neurotransmitters, and releasing stuck pain/trauma/emotions/experiences. After that I support their continued health journeys—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

More than half of my patients come in for “tune-ups”, restoring balance to their bodies, minds, and spirits. When you have energy, are sleeping well, digesting food adequately, feeling happy, you are better able to reach goals and be present in your life. I tell my clients to view their health from a wellness paradigm rather than an illness paradigm. Instead of saying, “This is wrong,” we ask, “What do you want your life to look like?”

I have been asking this question of my patients since 2000, first as a counselor, and then as a practitioner of Oriental medicine since 2004. It’s easy to be a technician, but I think that the combination of my training, my methods, and my beliefs in the human body and spirit make me more of a partner and guide. I intuitively listen to what my clients say—and often what they don’t say, but the body tells me.

My unique, comprehensive services are founded on

  • 4 years of clinical training and several intensive internships

  • 8 years of counseling experience

  • 15 years of practice in acupuncture and oriental medicine

As we work together on your health journey, I continue to work on my own health and wellness. I want to show up as my best physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self, authentically serving my clients from the heart and without ego.