It’s not an exaggeration to say that Lisa’s work has changed my life. I finally faced my fear of needles to battle against two seemingly unrelated health concerns. Not only did Lisa set my nerves at ease, I learned so much from her—I still am learning so much from her! I can feel the effects of my regular acupuncture appointments, both physically and mentally/emotionally. And while I love to talk to Lisa about these improvements, what is so important about her practice is how she can go inward, feel your pulses, listen to your body, and make a difference without you even saying a word. She believes in what she does, and she’s willing to share her skills and her wealth of knowledge to help her clients feel their best.
— Sarah N., April 2019
★★★★★ Lisa has a true gift for healing. I have worked with her consistently the past few months and have felt a drastic and transformative shift in my alignment. Her method is gentle yet powerful. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking pain relief and/or emotional processing. I am grateful for her expertise.
— Katie M, April 2019
I showed up to meet Lisa in early spring of 2013, skeptical, desperate to come off of antidepressants and antianxiety medication and just generally feeling broken— mind, body and spirit.  I didn’t know or really believe it could work.  Six years later, I could not imagine my life without the healing presence of Lisa in my life or acupuncture as a routine part of my health and wellness routine, so much so that I drive from Denver monthly.  I send everyone I know to Evergreen Acupuncture and truly believe in the magic of Chinese medicine and Reiki and all of the added education and healing practices Lisa has added in the last couple of years.  Her treatment space has truly become a safe place to explore my emotions and settle into my body.  I trust Lisa with my physical body in a way that I have never trusted anyone in my whole life, and to know that someone knows it so intimately and cares so deeply and can advocate and support me all these years later is one of the greatest gifts of my life. I leave 100% of the time feeling grounded, whole, calm and well cared for and it is absolutely worth investing in.  It may sound dramatic, but the truth is, I will literally owe my firstborn to Lisa, and look forward to journey with her for years to come.
— January 2019, Sara S

I have been seeing Lisa at Evergreen Acupuncture regularly for two years. During that time she has proven to be one of the most knowledgable acupuncturist I have ever encountered. That is high praise considering I have traveled Asia extensively and had acupuncture performed at its origin. Lisa has been equal to or better than any experience in that part of the world. She has vast knowledge and application skills not only in acupuncture but also nutrition, supplements and several other forms of energy healing including Reiki. More importantly to me, she is an outstanding person that really cares about making her patients better. She always spends a few minutes asking how I am doing mentally and physically to determine the best treatment for the day and then takes her time with the treatment. If you are wondering if acupuncture will help you or perhaps looking for a different acupuncturist, I highly recommend you contact Lisa. You will not be disappointed.
— Corey Junell

As an acupuncturist, I’m very picky about who I let put needles in me. Lisa came highly recommended when I moved to CO & I’m so glad I found her. She is extremely intelligent, yet sensitive & intuitive. She’s excellent with her diagnoses, her highly skilled pulse-reading & knowledge of other modalities, including her use of Chinese Herbal Medicine. She’s a well-balanced practitioner & a wonderful human being.
— Melanie

Lisa is hands down the best acupuncturist I’ve been to. I suffered a stroke in November 2018, she has helped with my recovery in so many ways (better brain function, anxiety, diet, stress management and more). I always feel so calm and centered after seeing her. The pulse balancing technique she uses is amazing. Her passion for helping others shows with every visit. Thanks for being such a great healer Lisa!!
— Nikia
Lisa is an amazing acupuncturist! She takes her time and really tunes in to what you need for your treatment. I highly recommend her to anyone! Plus, she’s so sweet and is always so enjoyable to talk with.
— Rachel
Lisa has been an excellent provider, consistently caring for me over the last 10 years! She has guided me through health issues, life stressors & post- surgery recovery. Lisa is conscientious & intuitive, skillfully incorporating techniques during sessions & suggestions for home to support treatment sessions, to create & improve life balance.
— Shaunda
Lisa has a true gift for healing. I have worked with her consistently the past few months and have felt a drastic and transformative shift in my alignment. Her method is gentle yet powerful. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking pain relief and/or emotional processing. I am grateful for her expertise.
— Katie
The care I have received from Lisa has been incredible. Not only has my broken digestion seen large improvements, my overall health has greatly benefited by my visits with Lisa. I am so very grateful to have found such a thoughtful practitioner.
— RK

Lisa is an amazing woman and acupuncturist! When I first met her I had just moved from Michigan and my depression really had a hold of me. I was skeptical that acupuncture could help when I was struggling so terribly. She explained to me about how acupuncture works and how long it has been around. She seemed very knowledgeable so I put aside my skepticism and scheduled a treatment. WOW I am so glad I did! Acupuncture has helped me with so much more than I ever anticipated. I have now seen Lisa after shoulder surgery, and two minor heart surgeries, as well as day to day life issues. She has helped me ween off medications and helped me heal on physical, mental and emotional levels. I have taken friends and family to see her. They have all had the same experience. “WOW!” Whenever I get treated I ALWAYS feel so much better. She is very talented and has an amazing gift. She is my angel!
— Sandra
I met Lisa in Spring 2014 since we shared a mutual client, but she quickly became my own acupuncturist! I had tried a couple treatments before with little connection to the provider, little knowledge of what they were doing, and little benefit. My first (and all follow up) treatments with Lisa were a completely different experience. Lisa explained to me what she noticed and was working on, came back to check for improvements, and incorporated her education in behavioral health as well (which as a therapist is SUPER important to me).
Since that time, Lisa and I have co-treated numerous clients. Her commitment, communication and collaboration is so special to me and has such a tremendously positive impact on our clients.
— Sara Peterson, Conifer Counseling
Lisa is one of the best healers in Evergreen. I higher recommend her.
— Kelly M
I have been seeing Lisa for almost 6 years now. She has been amazing as I go through life’s transitions and time on the table with her always makes me feel at the very least, better and often, transformed!
— Joelle B
Lisa is incredible and intuitive. Can’t say enough good things
— Jean D
Lisa has a gift! The best acupuncture I have ever crossed paths with. High recommended. I would fly from my home in Montana to get a treatment.
— Eric L

Lisa is an absolutely amazing acupuncturist and extraordinary person. I saw her regularly 5 years ago during my teenage years for stress/anxiety and migraines. Her work improved all aspects of my life and wellness! Looking for the same benefits, I recently gave her a call and am pleased to say that she and her practice are as spectacular as I remember.
— Sara N
I look forward to every visit to Lisa at Evergreen Acupuncture! I wish that I could describe, in words, the level of calmness and balance that I feel after each appointment. I wasn’t a believer at first, but Lisa’s knowledge, expertise, and results made me a believer in one visit. Based upon firsthand experience, I highly recommend this for soreness, illness, and overall total body and mind maintenance.”
— M. Walsh

Had acupuncture yesterday, woke up this morning and my pressure which has lately been around 150/100+ was 140 /87. After breakfast I had my first serving of Body Balance...Just took my blood pressure... 128/67.... I am either 20 years old again or my machine is broken....thank you and looking forward to my next session.
— R. Vincent

Lisa is GREAT to work with, and I feel lucky to have found her. She has put forth great effort to ‘tune-in’ to what’s going on in my body and provide the appropriate healing treatments. She is caring and empathetic, and I highly recommend her.
— L. Fox

I came to Lisa with back issues from a mountain bike accident with the hopes of some relief and reclaiming my active lifestyle. After just a couple of acupuncture sessions, Lisa was able to substantially improve my situation. Additionally, her keen senses have unexpectedly helped me achieve a balance with the stresses of every day life. I have no hesitation in enthusiastically recommending her.
— S. Timmons

Lisa is a huge part of my success in quitting smoking. Her knowledge of addiction combined with her expertise of acupuncture play a critical role in setting up a game plan that will help you overcome addictions. I would recommend her to anyone serious about improving their long-term health.
— Joanna

Addicted to Acupuncture? YES! I miss it when I have gone too long without. Lisa is absolutely the best for Eastern medicinal modalities. I have cancer and she manages my pain through cupping, and needles where needed. She has helped with my carpal tunnel using electronic stimulations and gua sha. She even has herbal remedies. If you’re thinking about acupuncture for a cold, for infertility, for insomnia, for headaches or just to feel better, try Lisa. You’ll be glad you treated yourself the natural way.
— K. Karl

Having been a 40+ year smoker and having tried to quit smoking many many times during those years, I came to Lisa looking for a way to break my habit. Lisa treated my habit as an serious addiction as it truly is and much more importantly treated the cause of my smoking, stress! I believe that without her committed treatments to my stress levels that I would not have been successful in kicking this nasty addiction. Her experience and understanding of what was going on with my mind and body during this process was right on and proved to me that I could do this. Bottom-line, if you would like to try to kick the cancer sticks I would highly recommend giving Lisa a chance to help you. For the 1st time in my adult life I can say: “I am a non-smoking smoker” it has been 12 months without a cigarette and feel great.
— Paul